Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Switch

I've been a Ubuntu user for some time now, but I still periodically needed to reboot into Windows, and the rest of the family here also preferred Windows too.

Now that's changed. Windows XP, which had been failing slowly for a while, finally made everyone lose patience with it when all sound production ceased, with no apparent cause or remedy short of a format, and thus a plan was born.

Now, I've just finished setting up that same computer, with only Ubuntu on it. Windows XP still exists, but only on a mere technicality. For Windows programs, Wine takes over, but even Wine has problems sometimes, so the VirtualBox OSE (Open Source Edition) has been installed from the Ubuntu-tweak's 3rd party repositories, and if the need arises, the Virtual XP can take over from Wine.

There's still one computer in the house that proper dual-boots XP over Ubuntu, but more than just the family use it, so it makes more sense to leave it - for now.
But for the main computer, the days of XP have ended, and the Virtual one's days are numbered, as Wine because more and more apt at running the programs.

(Oh, and yes, I did kind of write this like a story. It wasn't actually intentional.)

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